gouache of old camera
fun doodles of the old favourite Beetles and Wagons which I was inspired to draw after finding a 'toy-ornamental' VW in a retail outlet over the December holidays.
I usually cut an onion in the standard "onion ring" way but was fascinated by the shape of "innate-onion-tears" when slicing it this way instead. Had to draw it.
The organically grown cherry tomatoes flourishing in our veggie patch outside are lovely to look at inside and out, besides tasting delicious.
Metamorphosis study of an onion to an eye.
Although this concept was executed almost 30 years ago I still like the potential and inspiration for connecting seemingly disparate things.
An oil painting I did at Linda Mol's art studio, in Port Edward,  when I was 14 years of age
A final painting I did for Matric Art back in 1985. The local attorney's wife loved it and bought it  from me that same year.
Astronomy and being a mere 'particle-person' in this awesome place called Space has always intrigued me.
At the time the movie Sling Blade motivated this response from me in watercolour pencil crayon
This triptych oil painting was a corporate commission for their office reception area.
The width of the artwork, excluding spaces between, was about 1.5M
me in-studio building the idea of a place 1000 stories high
(each stone, brick, pane-of-glass with a history and tale to tell)
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