Portrait in charcoal
quick fine-liner sketch
pencil drawing from a set of four drawings.
The magnificent old Rolls Royce engine lay rusting away in an old military waste-yard.
The only remaining evidence being my photos and sketches nowadays.
ink sketch of part of an old train no longer in use.
Much like the interesting life-lines on old faces too :)
charcoal of one of my favourite forms of female figure study - feminine flowing lines
pencil series i called "barefoot and in the kitchen"
(together with the urban myth that a longer second toe is supposed to be sexy)
from mary-had-a-little-lamb innocence through to objectification of the female form, alice-in-wonderland's tweedledee & tweedledumb, three 'wise-men' as hear-say and see no evil...goodness me it's a long story really :)
We had been given the brief to contextualise and tell a story,visually, with use of human figures.
self-portrait in charcoal
few more figure studies in charcoal
smoking muse
linda and lezette, secure in sweet slumber
kiddy portraits
(charcoal sketches from photos provided)
etched tile printed onto salt-bag
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