This painting, as with most on this Blucat Studio website, is available as a stretched canvas print in sizes ranging from A5 to A1.
Email if you are interested in purchasing any.

This image is available as either a stretched canvas print or blockmounted canvas print of the original mixed-media

Photo of the A4 size stretched canvas print.

The original is mixed-media on paper.
Limited copies available as stretched canvas prints.

What make-up is really useful for :D
Creative spaces on walls rather than faces.

abstract painting in mixed-media on canvas

Abstract seasons

The original is an A2 stretched canvas.
Printed copies are available on request.

Abstract Autumn-moment

Begin Being
With Spring in the air

A Mild Disturbance of DeLight

Maasai This Side of the Sky

Islamic Interior Triptych 01

another stretched canvas print, this time called Purple Rain

An abstract previewed in context to give you an idea of where and how a printed version may fit in your office or home

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