A few Cover pages of the Crawford College North Coast Yearbooks I've worked on so far.
I have uploaded electronic versions of 2013-2017 for further preview too
at https://issuu.com/zoeblucatclifford

Corporate Communication through Annual Reports, Trustee Reports and Corporate Profiles.
Logo, business cards, photography, flyers and posters for IMMA Centre Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga and Cranio Sacral Therapy.
Branded items for ENCO Golf Day as well as a printed and electronic invite for
an M-TEC customer day.

Programme and Booking Form for an IABC Africa event and Project Brochure for Arquidecor Architects in Luanda, Angola.
Corporate Profile Brochure for G4S and Bush Africa Safaris.
2 page advert which began featuring in the Graphix magazine from Dec 1991/Jan 1992.
I did the concept, layout and design for the "Warrens" paper range logo, look and feel, and advert copy. Sourced a photographer and car at this early stage of my design-career since I didn't yet own a camera then. In fact these were still days before designing on computers too. It was all hand done with Finished-art, Letraset and Repro before print.
Good memories.

Another project from the past when paper-for-print was still king. I created logos for each of the paper ranges. The Peters Papers Packman who picked the packs of perfect paper was a collective creative project done together with the masterful airbrush skills (yes that's what we did before the digital age!) of graphic-wizard Sean Orsmond.

Corporate Profile Brochure

Corporate Brochure

Annual Report for Mineworkers Provident Fund

Corporate Profile Brochure, IRFA show-stand, posters and newsletters for SALT

Newsletters and posters for Mineworkers Provident Fund are supplied in 5 languages - English, Sesotho, Tsonga, Xhosa and Zulu

Newsletters, Adverts and Calendar for the TSRF Transport Sector Retirement Fund

Brochure and Flyers for the Vintage Rose Cottage in Pretoria.

Wow! What a ride this 2017 yearbook was too :D but we did it! Thank you Crawford College North Coast. May the inspiring light of 2017 continue to shine throughout your 21st year of 2018. Hope all readers enjoy what they see. I've uploaded 5 of the 9 yearbooks I've completed for CCNC so far. Check them via the link below for my Issuu page or simply by clicking on the yearbook cover image above. https://issuu.com/zoeblucatclifford/docs/20171128_ccnc_yearbook_red20180111

ISASA Annual Report

Product range Label designs and Photoshoot. For more info about these and a whole bunch of eco-friendly health & lifestyle products you can visit http://www.nanocorworld.com/
Corporate Newsletter samples

TOTAL Provident Fund Trustee Report

SAPPI and TOTAL Provident Fund communication samples

Logo designs, product package and label designs as well as product photoshoot for The Wellness Revolution and Fulvic Life Liquid Ionic Minerals

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