Diverse-City, Johannesburg South Africa
Upcycled cardboard box which was originally filled with mangoes.
Metaphysics Of Temporal Existence
- a momentary, virtual-view on recycled paper...
(on-screen :P)

Mystery is the key to knowledge
Corporate trilogy for a concrete supplier
"None but ourselves can free our minds."
Bob Marley
Took a rather poor quality photo (right) of a small makeshift shop in Alexander, Johannesburg (around 1989) and translated it into a vibrant graphic (left). Wish I had been more aware of the exposure quality all those years ago since i do recall the shoesmaker-repair-man had a lovely smile that day too.
Sketch and paint study of an old stone sculpture I bought in Swaziland. Love the face of this old man whose stone-version watches over my garden each day.
etched tile printed onto recycled cardboard
from living in Parklane, Hillbrow in the apparent city-of-gold
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