Triptych acrylic on board - "The Silent Visitor"

Gouache paint on paper of a passing moment in Magaliesberg.

2 Acrylic on canvas paintings inspired by a walk in Kynsna Heads.

Acrylic on board inspired by a walk in the Moreleta Spruit

Acrylic on canvas exploring that magical space between the ocean and the sky

A reconstructed wasteland in pen and ink

A colourful reinterpretation of moments and views on The Farm in acrylic on canvas.

I love old gates and this drive-by moment of a farm just outside Ladybrand. One of my personal favourites since the year 2000.

A slightly closer view of part of a farm near Ladybrand as seen through a partially open gate.

Lanndscape in acrylic on canvas

Acrylic landscape now also available as a stretched canvas print.

"Walk With Me Awhile" - ink and acrylic

"Underwriter of Witchit Are" - charcoal and watercolour

"Golgotha Rising"

(Acrylic on paper now available as stretched canvas print)

"Window on the Wild Coast" - an acrylic on paper original now also available as a limited print edition

"Field of a Dream" - available as a stretched canvas print. Sizes and prices on request. Please email

"Full Colour in Flower"
mixed media original available as stretched canvas print in various sizes. Email me if you are interested. Thank you

"The Colour of Love"
Available in limited print edition sizes of A5, A4, A3, A2 and A1

"Earth, Air, Fire Water Consciousness"

"Retyred Dream"

"Organic Mechanic"

"The Unforgotten"

Mixed media Buell

Watercolour of a delightful moment while walking back from Rome city-central to Trastevere.
Starwars Trooper in the shop window with bicycle parked outside

Outside the air-bnb we stayed in while visiting Rome. Trastevere is a Must-Explore area for anyone visiting this city in Italy

I found that even the Graffiti on many parts of the cities walls was classic and artful.
This is a watercolour expression of appreciation for that.

"Lost in Venice an d Loving it"

Watercolour pencil and paint of another beautiful piece of Venice which may even go unnoticed by those who live there but to a newbie visitor the city is a treasure-chest of visual-jewels

Another watercolour pencil and paint, this time a view of the Two Towers in Bologna, Italy.

" The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” - W.B. Yeats

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